4 Reasons the Elliptical is Better Than the Treadmill

If there’s one workout machine that draws nearly universal derision, it’s the humble elliptical. Many users think it’s mind-numbingly boring and doesn’t offer enough of a challenge, but as with everything else in life, an elliptical workout is what the user makes of it. Below is a list of the reasons why an elliptical can provide a better workout than a treadmill can.

Anyone Can do It

Elliptical workouts are effective for users of every age and fitness level, as long as no injuries come into play. The stride is smooth and easy, and it gives new exercisers a feeling of stability and security. Best of all, there’s no learning curve with the elliptical machine, and it’s possible to get up and running right away.

They’re Everywhere

Contrary to popular belief, one doesn’t need a large gym or huge bank account to use an elliptical. These machines can be found in almost all gyms, even the small ones common to hotels and apartment buildings. That means there’s no excuse for a missed workout!

It’s Easy to Fit Into the Schedule

As great as HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are, it’s always necessary to take a shower afterward. If someone is pressed for time, they know it’s important to get in, work out and get on with life. Because the user controls the intensity of the workout on an elliptical machine, they can avoid becoming covered in sweat, while spending more time working out and less time cleaning up afterward.

It Provides a Full-Body Workout

Most elliptical machines have an upper-body component, where the treadmill does not. Users simply pump their arms to move the machine’s handles, or they can grab a pair of dumbbells and work in some shoulder presses during their time on the elliptical machine.

With an elliptical machine, there’s plenty of variety built in. Most machines have preset options, but it’s also easy to make changes manually. Users should observe how challenging the preset programs are, and they should consider upping the intensity if things get too easy. For more health and fitness tips, users can visit lerablog.com.

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